We are committed to having a good partnership, transparency, and reliability with our clients rather than Client-Contractor relationship. Our clients are fully aware that we have the skills, resources and expertise, and most importantly, the ability to complete the projects to the highest standards on time.

Health, Safety, Quality and the Environment are among the most important concerns of our company and we follow strict safety regimes as well as quality procedures and strives to continuously improve its performance. We take pride in our achievements which we attribute to the dedication of our staff, whose exceptional skills and expertise are the key value of our company’s success. Thanks to our loyal teams of workers& professionals, we have succeeded in proving that we can deliver on our promises, we can rise to the challenge  and excel in our performance to the satisfaction of our clients.

ARBC is specialize in all kind of construction of Villa, Residential and Commercial Building, Warehouse, Factory, Joinery Works, Complete Interiors like Partitions, Suspensions & Gypsum Ceilings, Office Furniture and Equipment, Wall Coverings, Painting works, Venetian Blinds, Carpet & Carpet Tiles, marble and tile flooring, Electrical Services, Air-Conditioning, drainage and water supply work, etc.

Having started as a small family business in Pakistan,now we establish in Ajman . Our major challenge today is to sustain the growth we generated till date. We are proud of our past and we have an active present and we look forward to a promising future.

Our goal is to meet the design needs of our clients and, at the same time, create a fit for their corporate culture. The new expansion in Dubai enable us to better source our goods and enlarge our range of services.

Effective pre-construction services and planning is the cornerstone of a successful construction project. Working in collaboration with the project team, we provide insight on innovative and creative construction methods and materials to ensure our clients receive a high-performance facility that maximizes return on investment.

ABDUL RASHEED GEN MAINT CONT LLC and ABDUL RASHEED BUILDING CONTRACTING LLC offers economical and high quality salutation to fulfill the highest modern engineering designs requirements with compatible system and components that guarantee long term durability safety and outstanding performance for all types of designs that requires.


To attain recognition as the market leader for quality in our region and emerge the preferred choice for all our clients and employees, in the present and in the future.

We deliver projects that achieve programmatic, functional and financial objectives. Our buildings and facilities utilize state of the art engineering systems and are at the forefront of building design. We inspire interest, delight, and contribute positively towards creating a cohesive and distinguished workforce for our current and future clients.


We consider learning and development a continuous process; consequently, we adapt state of the art technology and practices to enhance efficiency of our operations constantly.

Our sophisticated approach to scheduling means that projects will be delivered on time. The project schedule serves as a primary means of relaying construction plans to you from the construction company. The construction schedule also communicates means and methods, as well as planned sequences and timing for a project.


Integrity cannot be compromised. We are honest, consistent, and fair in all aspects and our communication is transparent and forthright

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success. We strive to exceed customer expectations and dedicated time and effort to deliver quality service to all our clients.


Add value at every stage in the design and project management by implementing the practice of delivering excellence in our corporate culture with the aim to benefit in the long terms.


ABDUL RASHEED GEN MAINT CONT LLC is providing an excellent and durable Material for every project needs. Using recommended and famous Brands in every field.

Integrity cannot be compromised. We are honest, consistent, and fair in all aspects and our communication is transparent and forthright.


Our employees are our most important assets, therefore, safety and their well-being is our primary priority.

Great teams build great companies-in order to attract, develop and retain the best talent; we have created an environment where individual growth is the foundation of our company’s growth.
Our aim is the satisfaction of our clients in every detail


By creating a workplace environment that encourages all employees to share their knowledge and experiences a healthy creative team spirit and effective working relationship will be fostered.

By enhancing employees knowledge and practical skills through relevant training competence and confidence will be promoted, stimulating enthusiasm and innovation.

Our constant quest for the latest information and technology and the investment of time in experiment application will provide the leading edge in technique and ability.

With confident motivated work force and interactive team spirit, ever client can be assured of exceptional professional service and each employee total job satisfaction.

Exceptional customer service will establish a supervisor reputation with the industry and encourage permanent business.

Association securing a rewarding and profitable future for ABDUL RASHEED GEN MAINT CONT LLC. and ABDUL RASHEED BUILDING CONTRACTING LLC